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Villain of Steam by A L Martin ISBN

Villain of Steam by A L Martin ISBN

Now Available

Villain of Steam: a Life of Dionysius Lardner (1793-1859)

by A L Martin,

ISBN 9780993242007 (pbk.)
9780993242014 (ebook)
9780983242021 (Kindle)
456 pages, 47 b&w illustrations, 127 cm., rrp £13.99.
Distributed by Central Books

On sale at Trinity College Dublin bookshop, UCD bookshop, Books Upstairs (Dublin), Central Books (London), Amazon.co.uk, and all good retailers. Find out more


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Annaraoi de Paor’s Illustrated Collection of Limericks,

Also Available

An Illustrated Collection of Limericks for Engineers and Physicists, 2014

Professor de Paor is undertaking a promotional tour around Ireland where he is speaking at various educational establishments. He has received a warm welcome from engineers and engineering students who appreciate the work’s witty illustrations and imaginative use of limericks to help establish nemonics so that engineering and physics students can find it easier to remember many of the basic concepts and laws that they need in their work.

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