A. L. Martin

Anna MartinsmallAnna Martin, MA (Cantab.) MA (Lond.) PGCE, MCLIP, author of Villain of Steam: a Life of Dionysius Lardner (1793-1859)  was educated at the Mount School, Mill Hill and studied for degrees in history at Newnham College: teaching at Birmingham University Department of Education and  historical bibliography and publishing at the School of Library and Information Studies, University College London.

She was inspired to write the book ‘Villain of Steam’ whilst working in the Saffron Walden Victorian Studies Centre under mentor Martyn Everett and after working as an information professional for Cambridge University is now involved in charity work and teaching.

An Anglican, in her spare time she plays in a brass band, and, being slightly bipolar, campaigns against stigma in mental health. She is the project manager for the Villain of Steam project, managing the English side of the project under her imprint Marlinspike Publishing.  Villain of Steam is her first book.

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