The following books are available to order:


John Tyndall : an ‘X’emplar of scientific and technological education; ed Padraig Hogan; (NCEA 1980). order




Science in Ireland 1800-1830: Tradition and Reform ed Nudds, McMillan, Weaire, Mckenna-Lawler; (Carlow: Tyndall Publications, 1988) (Proceedings of an international symposium held in Trinity College Dublin in 1988). order


Century of Endeavour by Roy Johnston Academica/Maunsel in the US 2003, Tyndall/Lilliput 2006, 584 pages, €40 (pbk.)order
Science, Green Issues and the Environment: Ireland and the Global Crisis; edited by N.D. and Douglas McMillan, Con O’Rourke and J J Fry; (Tyndall Publications    (Proceedings of the conference held in Carlow, September 11-19, 1993). (Carlow, Tyndall Publications, 1993 ISBN 0952597403 10 (pbk.) (not shown) order  Prometheus’s Fire, ed. N. D. McMillan, (Carlow : Tyndall Publications, 2000) 600 pages, price 42 euro hb, €24 euro (pbk.) order



 An Illustrated Collection of Limericks for Engineers and Physicists by Annraoi de Paor, ISBN 0952597404 €20 (pbk.)Order






Villain of Steam: A life of Dionysis Lardner (1793-1859), by A. L. Martin,  ISBN 9780993242007 (pbk.)
9780993242014 (ebook)
9780983242021 (Kindle)
456 pages, 47 b&w illustrations, 127 cm., rrp £13.99.
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