An Illustrated Collection of Limericks for Engineers

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Annaraoi de Paor’s Illustrated Collection of Limericks,

An Illustrated Collection of Limericks for Engineers & Physicists [Plus an Electrical Alphabet]  by Annaraoi de Paor, with illustrations by Jane Courtnay.

‘The Limericks are ingenious, rhyming out many of the concepts of engineering and science.
Limericks have been put to many uses in their time, but this must surely be a first.’

P.J. Prendergast, Provost of Trinity College Dublin

All royalties from this book go to the Saint John of God Order to assist their charitable work with children and adults having an intellectual disability.

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Who is this book for?

The people who should find this book written by a whimsical Irish academic useful will be (i) third-level teachers of courses on electromagnetism or optics who would use careful selections of Limericks to help students remember difficult laws and principles with amusing but relevant diversions to help the learning (ii) second-level teachers who wish to amuse and inspire their young charges who are beginning their studies in physics or technology (iii) technology teachers who almost as a matter of form use various aids to memory including catch phrase, spelling acronyms, list order acronyms and will jump at the chance of using such sophisticated rhyming mnemonics, and who will now have a new weapon in their teaching armoury (iv) historians who are interested in the development of  electrical engineering, physics and technology, as this work delivers such a unique perspective on these important fields (v) those in the general public who enjoy Limericks and have the opportunity to study the profound nature of these short verses and cartoons.


118 original Limericks spanning all fields of electromagnetic theory, device applications and history PLUS ‘An Electrical Alphabet’. Important teaching ‘memory aids’ that when used will cement difficult ideas, concepts, theories and operation of inventions.  This is seriously difficult material made amusing and memorable by a true poet of science.