Century of Endeavour

Cover of Century of Endeavour by Roy Johnston

Century of Endeavour cover

Century of Endeavour by Roy Johnston (Academica/Maunsel in the US 2003, Tyndall/Lilliput 2006, 584 pages, €40 pb).

Published in association with the Lilliput Press,.

A critical father and son view of the recent century in Ireland, rooted in the Ulster Protestant radical tradition, with a significant critical scientific dimension. ISBN-13: 978-1930901766 ISBN-10: 1930901763

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Century of Endeavour

A Father and Son Overview of the 20th Century

Dr Roy H W Johnston

This book was piloted in the US, with a limited edition, in November 2003 by Academica/Maunsel.

A revised edition with an extended index has been published in Ireland in April 2006. For orders in Ireland, in the UK and in continental Europe of the new Irish edition, see Tyndall Publications, or Lilliput Press, e-mail info@lilliputpress.ie

Enquiries re orders in the US: should go by fax to Robert Redfern-West at +1-202-296-7490, or e-mail him at Academicapress@aol.com.

You can read more about this book, including reviews and abstracts of chapters, on the author’s website http://www.iol.ie/~rjtechne/blurb.htm.