Science, Green Issues and the Environment

Science, Green Issues and the Environment: Ireland and the Global Crisis; edited by Norman and Douglas McMillan, Con O’Rourke and J J Fry; (Tyndall Publications 1993, price £10). This is the Proceedings of a conference held in Carlow, September 11-19, 1993, sponsored by the ESB and by local industry, in the context of a pilot multi-disciplinary Tyndall Summer School.



Foreword by the Editors

Introduction by Dr N D McMillan


An environmental ethic: Respect and affection for the earth A.V. Baez, Vivamos Mejor (USA)

Enlightenment and counter-enlightenment: Philosophy in Ireland R. Kearney, University College Dublin

Geology and the environment in Ireland P. MeArdle, Geological Survey of Ireland

The role of climate and man in the development of the Irish landscape F.J.G. Mitchell,Trinity College Dublin

Is there anything new under the sun? J. Meadows, Loughborough University (UK)

The response of the international community to global warming in the face of catastrophic climatic change R. Douthwaite, author



The inaugural Crombie lecture: An interdisciplinary approach to environmental science B. Crombie Quilty, University College Dublin

Monitoring the marine environment. Present practice – future trends M.J. Gillooly,Fisheries Research Centre

Using science effectively to protect the seas: Global experiences and needs R.G.V. Boelens, the Irish Science and Technology Agency

Remote sensing of ocean colour: Methods, technologies and applications: H. Van der Piepen, German Aerospace Research Establishment (FRG)

Ocean colour applications: The CECIESA programmes: V. Baride, P. Schlittenhardt,Institute for Remote Sensing Applications (Italy)

Future German earth observation space programme: M. Wabl, DARA GmbH (FRG)

ALADIN doppler LIDAR for global wind sensing from space: C. Werner, J. Streicher,German Aerospace Research Establishment (FRG)

Application of airborne visible/infrared imaging spectrometer (AVIRIS) to determination of atmospheric aerosol optical depth and precipitable water content: R.O. Green, J.E. Conel, California Institute of Technology (USA)

Tunable solid state laser-based differential absorbtion LIDAR system: design concepts and results: E Murphy, German Aerospace Resaarch Establishment (FRG)

Atmospheric monitoring of water vapour using the differential absorption LIDAR technique:G. Ehret, C. Kiemle, H.G. Schreiber, German Aerospace Research Establishment (FRG)

Spectral radiometry as an effective input to crop yield models: J. Walsh, E. O’Mongain,University College Dublin

The UK national air monitoring networks: J.S. Bower, Warren Spring Laboratory (IJK)

Monitoring and dispersal of micro-organisms in the atmosphere: A. McCartney, Institute of Arable Crops Research (UK)

Nose knows best in malodour measurement and control: B.T. Callan, Smithkline Beechams Ltd

Protecting against the hazards of radioactivity: The work of the RPII: T. O’Flaherty,Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland



Global food production: Issues and priorities: P. McNulty, University College Dublin

Energy, information and agriculture: R. Alcock, South Dakota State University (USA)

Farming as if the future mattered: J. Seymour, author

Decision-making in agriculture and its impact on the environment in the tropics: W.C. Beets, Senior tropical rural development adviser (Belgium)

Sustainable farming for the tropics: W.C. Beets, Senior tropical rural development adviser (Belgium)

The organic farm C.B. Wookey, organic farmer (UK)

Ireland’s great bloodstock tradition of Coolcullen, County Carlow: the environmentally-friendly stud of the great champion: J. Bolger, horse-breeder and trainer

Planning, development and our natural heritage: the role of the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) T. Wright, Office of Public Works

Ecology, society and the law: environmental aspects of legislation: M. O’Sullivan,University of London (UK)

Environmental impact assessment in relation to food production in Ireland D.J. Fry,University College Dublin

The limits of legislation: an outline of EC legislation as related to environmental law and food production: M. O’Sullivan, University of London (IJK)



Unsafe food production systems: R.W. Lacey, University of Leeds

Food, animal production and human health: J.D. Collins, University College Dublin

The consultant’s role in food microbiology: J.F. Dempster, microbiological consultant

Pesticide residues, food and human health: M.R. Lynch, D. O’Sullivan, Pesticide Control Service

Industry perspectives on legislative controls of pesticides and veterinary medicines: D. O’Brien, Federation of Irish Chemical Industries

Value-added foods: Is there a quality concern? J. Cahill, Consumers Association of Ireland

Food quality and wholefood nutrition: A. Meier-Ploeger, University of Fulda (FRG)

Aerosol particles and their environmental impact: S.G. Jennings, University College Galway

Distribution of radioactive fallout throughout Ireland: T.P. Ryan, P.l. Mitchell, V. Smith, J. Vives i Batlle, University College Dublin, J.A. Sanchez-Cabeza, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain)

Atmospheric chemistry of ozone depletion: I Shanahan, BHP Group Ltd

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